Meet the Advisors

PACE’s business sustainability advisors are our most valuable resource, and are completely free to work with. They bring a diverse array of experience and technical expertise, working one-on-one with each business to help you meet your personalized sustainability goals. Collectively, the current team has advised over 1,500 businesses on 3,000 upgrades.

Each of our PACE advisors can provide industry-leading assistance with all elements of business sustainability in Boulder County. Some have additional expertise, including geographic locations, languages, and particular programs, that are described below. We look forward to working with you!

City of Boulder Team

Ambra Sutherlin (she/her)

Business Sustainability Advisor

Ambra is the lead PACE advisor and specializes in working with offices,  faith-based organizations, manufacturing, and cannabis facilities. She is LEED accredited professional and focuses on greenhouse gas inventories, energy efficiency, and electrification.

Ambra has been with PACE for 11 years and is dedicated to helping local businesses meet their goals. In her free time, she enjoys being outside hiking, biking, snowboarding, and traveling the world.

Norma King (she/her)

Bilingual Business Sustainability Advisor (English and Spanish)

Norma is the lead PACE advisor for landscaping electrification and items pertaining to the Latino Chamber of Commerce. She also focuses on small business equity and lighting upgrades for businesses.

Norma has a Bachelors in Advertising and Marketing that she completed in Colombia. She has spent 15+ years working on equity for small businesses in Colorado.

Shawn Rupp (he/him)

Built Environment Electrification Specialist

Shawn leads PACE’s programming related to building electrification, specifically focusing on commercial buildings and multifamily housing.

Shawn received a Master’s in Architectural Engineering from CU Boulder, and he has experience working as a building energy engineer and a consultant in the utility energy industry. Outside of work, Shawn enjoys cycling, playing soccer, and baking.

Tom Hardie (he/him)

Business Sustainability Advisor

Tom works primarily with property owners and nonprofit organizations in the city. His expertise includes greenhouse gas emissions modeling, electrification, solar, and lighting upgrades.

Tom is a commercial property owner with hands-on experience in building electrification, solar, EV charging, water efficiency, and sustainable waste diversion.

Mia Belting (they/them)

Business Sustainability Fellow

Mia works on PACE’s waste reduction and energy efficiency programs with restaurants in the City of Boulder. They focus on compost contamination, reusable solutions, and energy efficiency upgrades.

Mia graduated from the University of Washington, with a bachelor’s in political science. In their free time they enjoy reading, hiking, and bird watching.

Mariolym (She/hers)

Business Sustainability Fellow

Mariolym received a Master’s in Global Sustainability with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from the University of South Florida last spring.

In the sustainability field, she has experience in research and developing educational material; she has also gained experience in customer service and community outreach through previous jobs and volunteering experiences. She loves the outdoors, swimming, yoga, and traveling. 

Boulder County Team

Erica Walters (She/Her)

Bilingual Business Sustainability Fellow (English and Spanish)

Erica works with businesses in Longmont and Unincorporated Boulder County, and speaks English and Spanish. She focuses on our small business equity and kitchen equipment upgrade programs.

Erica recently finished her masters in Urban Resilience and Sustainability at CU Boulder. She loves supporting the County’s small businesses and continues to learn from working alongside them toward sustainability goals.

Jenn Dingman (she/her)

Business Sustainability Fellow

Jenn works with businesses in Louisville, Lafayette, Nederland, and Unincorporated Boulder County. She focuses on small business equity, kitchen equipment and lighting upgrades, EV charging, and more.

Jenn is a mom of 3 awesome kids, and in her free time loves to play tennis, hike, run, bike & garden. Jenn is a CU graduate and was an IT professional in her previous career.

Matt Hannon (he/him)

Business Sustainability Advisor

Matt is the lead PACE advisor for all of Boulder County outside the City of Boulder. He focuses on small business equity, solar, and lighting upgrades, but can help your business with all elements of sustainability.

Matt studied sustainability at the University of Vermont and the University of Montana. He also worked in the solar industry in Washington DC. In his free time he enjoys snowboarding, playing soccer, and hiking.

Operations Team

Elizabeth French (she/her)

Business Sustainability Program Manager

Elizabeth leads PACE operations and develops community partnerships. She is also deeply involved in program design and implementation.

Elizabeth earned a Master’s degree in Environmental Policy & Management from the University of Denver, and received a certificate of advanced study in Energy & Sustainability. Prior to joining PACE, Elizabeth worked with sustainability non-profits in Denver and the Vail Valley. Elizabeth is also a proud mom of 2 children.

Toby Russell (he/him)

Business Sustainability Programming Lead

Toby focuses on PACE’s program design and implementation.

Toby has been working in the field of sustainability for over 12 years. For eight of those years, he was the the CEO of Natural Capitalism Solutions, consulting with companies and communities around the country.

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