PACE Small Business Equity Program

PACE values the contributions that small businesses bring to our community, such as diverse inventory, personalized services, and creative innovations. Small businesses account for the largest portion on Boulder County’s commercial inventory, and make up a very large percentage of the business sector.

In support of our county’s small businesses, PACE has pulled together several offerings to help improve business infrastructure while also improving sustainability, resilience, and long-term cost and energy savings. Through these grant offerings, your business could operate more efficiently, save money, contribute to sustainability goals, and become more resilient. We know how busy you are —PACE is here to help make your sustainability goals a reality.

Program History

In 2019, PACE and the City of Boulder launched a pilot program to help small, locally owned restaurants and grocery stores swap out old, inefficient restaurant equipment with modern, environmentally friendly replacement equipment. Pilot participants helped PACE identify that in the past, the biggest barriers to making these upgrades were upfront cost and managing installation logistics.

Through the pilot, PACE offered increased financial incentives in the form of an upfront grant, rather than a retroactive rebate, as well as a streamlined process for delivering/installing new equipment and properly disposing of old, inefficient equipment.

The pilot program was a great success, and participants are now enjoying the benefits of new, energy efficient equipment that is already proving to save money on their monthly utility bills. PACE is thrilled to now offer this grant countywide, and to have added additional programming designed specifically for local businesses.

Two chefs working behind the counter at Rincon Argentino, a restaurant in the City of Boulder

Community Testimonial

Rincon Argentino, a family-owned Argentinian restaurant, has been operating in Boulder’s Goss Grove neighborhood since 2012. The restaurant was able to upgrade several refrigerators through PACE’s 2019 small business equity pilot program.

“We are a small family run business. We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, but sometimes the steps we want to take are cost prohibitive. We have been wanting to replace our old inefficient refrigerators … but the cost has made it difficult. This program made the upgrades we wanted to complete possible. The expertise and time (from PACE) were also as helpful to us as the financial impact.”

Do you have other ideas that could help your business become more sustainable? Let us know how we can help!
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