Water Conservation and Stormwater Protection

A water-efficient business plays a vital role in conservation and stormwater protection. Boulder County’s heavily used St. Vrain Creek Watershed has 23 segments that are at or close to failing water quality stream standards. This underscores the importance of improving water efficiency and protecting our creeks and rivers from stormwater pollution. Our Boulder County water conservation service will work behind the scenes to save you money on water, wastewater, and energy bills.

Our business sustainability advisors assist you to:

  1. Assess and identify water conservation and efficiency opportunities
  2. Conduct a free water assessment at your business
  3. Identify quick upgrades, such as installing low-flow fixtures or watering at night
  4. Engage employees in efforts to reduce water use
  5. Connect with tools and incentives
  6. Gain recognition for your efforts
  7. Discover simple water conservation actions your Boulder County business can take now
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Available Rebates and Incentives

PACE incentives are available on a first come, first serve basis. Businesses are required to contact an advisor to confirm funding availability, ensure that your project meets the eligibility requirements.

Conventional aerators have a flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute (gpm). Upgrading to a high efficiency 0.5 gpm aerator is both easy and inexpensive. The high efficiency aerators spread water out into multiple streams like a showerhead. PACE offers free high efficiency hand washing sink aerators and your advisor will install them for you.

Conventional kitchen sink aerators have a flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute (gpm) and could be upgraded to a 1.5 gpm model, which is both easy and inexpensive. At 1.5 gpm, you can reduce your water use without sacrificing water pressure. PACE offers free high efficiency kitchen sink aerators and your advisor will install them for you.

PACE offers free high efficiency pre-rinse spray valves for commercial dish washing applications. An advisor will come to  you, measure the flow rate of your existing equipment and install the new pre-rinse spray valves on the spot. According to the EPA, businesses can save more than $115 annually on energy and water costs by switching to a WaterSense labeled pre-rinse spray valve, which have been spray force and life cycle tested to ensure equivalent performance in a commercial kitchen. Contact your advisor to learn more.

Slow the Flow offers a quick and impactful way to evaluate the irrigation practices of your commercial property or HOA and makes simple suggestions for changes that will reduce waste and eliminate runoff. Slow the Flow’s trained technicians perform a detailed analysis of your existing sprinkler system and will provide a comprehensive report detailing findings and recommendations to improve efficiency.

The service will provide suggestions that will deliver measurable improvements in water use reduction, saving your business money, and supporting community conservation goals. This no-cost service is available through partnerships with more than two dozen water utilities across Colorado’s Front Range.

Check your eligibility to find out if you qualify for a Slow the Flow Outdoor Inspection. For any further questions, please call 303.999.3824.

PACE offers rebates for water and energy efficient appliances. Additional eligibility criteria may apply. Contact your advisor for more detailed requirements.

Food Service Equipment PACE Rebate Rebate Units
Energy Star High efficiency ice machine $100 $/unit
Energy Star Dishwasher, Under Counter $500 $/unit
Energy Star Dishwasher, Door Type $1,000 $/unit
Energy Star Dishwasher, Single Tank Conveyor $1,500 $/unit
Energy Star Dishwasher, Multi Tank Conveyor $2,000 $/unit

See the energy efficiency page for additional rebates on other kitchen and grocery appliances.

Find out what other support organizations are here to serve you with water conservation services in Boulder County and beyond.

Simple Actions

There are many simple, low-cost ways you can conserve water at your business. Read below for some ideas and reach out to an advisor at 303-786-7223 or info@PACEpartners.com if you have any questions.

  • Schedule a free PACE water assessment.
  • Upgrade toilets, urinals and showerheads to WaterSense models.
  • Upgrade to high efficiency aerators in kitchen and restroom faucets.
  • Upgrade dishwashers and ice machines to ENERGY STAR models.
  • Conduct regular visual inspections of fixtures and look and listen for leaks.
  • Reduce water used for irrigation – visit Resource Central and sign up for a free assessment of your existing sprinkler system.

Additional Resources


More EPA Resources:

Because each type of building has its own water conservation challenges, the EPA provides guidance based on facility type. They also have a Lean & Water Toolkit to help businesses align water conservation goals with lean initiatives and business best practices.


Your business can help protect our watershed! Everyday tasks like receiving deliveries and routine cleaning and maintenance can potentially contaminate stormwater runoff with toxic chemicals, nutrients, and trash. Keep it Clean Partnership is a partnership of communities sharing, coordinating, and developing resources to reduce stormwater pollution within the Boulder Creek and St. Vrain Creek watersheds. They can help you protect our steams by:

  • Helping you learn the rules and regulations surrounding your business and water quality issues
  • Providing free stormwater protection resources to post at your business
  • Pointing you towards additional resources to help keep our waterways clean
Studio Z Dental in Louisville became certified in PACE’s Water Conservation Area of Excellence in 2014 and now uses 77 percent less water than an average dental office. A waterless suction system and auto shut-off foot pumps at each hand washing sink help Studio Z Dental save as much water as possible in a traditionally water-intensive industry. Beyond water, Studio Z purchased non-toxic carpeting made of recycled materials, adopted a purchasing policy that includes purchasing paper made of a post-consumer recycled material, and currently administers a compost and recycling program.