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More than 73,000 people in Boulder County travel each day to another community to work, and many employees average 28 miles or more per commute. By supporting travel reduction and sustainable transportation programs, you can make a positive difference in the daily lives of your employees, the carbon footprint of your business and the sustainability goals of your local community.

Partners for a Clean Environment works with your local transportation management agency to provide free commuter benefits assistance to. Advisors assess transportation opportunities and support you in implementing the following:

  1. Transit Pass Set-up
  2. EV Charging Stations
  3. Carpool/Vanpool Network
  4. General Transportation Information
  5. Transportation Surveys
  6. Guaranteed Ride Home Program—taxi rides home in case of emergency or bad weather
  7. Carshare and bikeshare
  8. Flexible Work Schedules—telecommuting, flex days, alternative schedules
  9. Simple sustainable transportation actions your business can take now to reduce its carbon footprint.

Available Rebates and Incentives

PACE incentives are available on a first come, first serve basis. Businesses are required to contact an advisor to confirm funding availability, ensure that your project meets the eligibility requirements.

Providing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at work has been demonstrated to make employees 20 times more likely to purchase an EV even though 80% of charging typically happens at home. Grants are available on a rolling bases from the Regional Air Quality Council up to $9000 for Level II charging stations. Check the Regional Air Quality Council website to find out when the grant period is open. PACE advisors are available to help answer your questions and review your grant application. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our application review, a quick review can help ensure approval of your application.

The following are links where you can learn more about State and Federal Tax incentives for Electric Vehicles:

Non-profits only: 
Charge Ahead Colorado will fund 80% of the incremental cost differential between an EV and the comparable gasoline vehicle up to $8,260. The funding for vehicles is directed to those organizations that are excluded from the Colorado state credit (e.g. government or non-profit).

The EcoPass smartcard is valid for unlimited rides on all regular RTD bus and light rail service. Employees with an EcoPass are five to nine times more likely to ride the bus than employees without one, reducing parking issues and emissions from commuting. There are free and discounted EcoPass programs detailed in the chart below.

Jurisdiction Incentive
Downtown Boulder Free to employees
Ride Free Longmont Free local busses
Nederland Free to residents
Lyons Free to residents
Elsewhere RTD & Eco Passes

Encouraging employees to bike is part education, part culture, and part infrastructure. Your PACE advisor is available to give trainings and presentations on how to motivate employees and create the right conditions at the office for a successful bike commuting program like adding bike storage or showers. Boulder County offers up to four free bike racks per business. Fill out this bike rack request form to get started,


Eligible Organizations: when installed indoor or outdoor on private property or installed in the public right of way by one of these entities:

  • Multifamily: 5+ units
  • Businesses
  • Nonprofits, including places of worship
  • Private schools

Eligible for advising on site placement but not eligible for racks:

  • Government
  • Public schools
  • New construction or major renovations, as defined by PACE criteria

Racks on public sidewalks:

  • Some municipalities manage racks in the public right of way (sidewalks) themselves and do not allow businesses to businesses to install their own racks. In that case, you may request a rack from your municipality but may not be able to install your own rack, or one provided by Boulder County. Other municipalities allow businesses to install their own racks, or racks provided by Boulder County, in the right of way.

Availability: Boulder County has a limited number of bike racks to offer. They are available on a first come, first serve basis and the total number offered per business may be less than the number requested.

  • When demand is greater than supply, the total number of racks will apportioned to the City of Boulder, the City of Longmont, and other areas of the county, roughly matching the population distribution.
  • Additional bike racks provided by cities and towns will be added on top of the allocations of county bike racks.

Degree of benefit: Boulder County reserves the right to limit the number of bike racks offered to less than four at the sole determination of county staff based on potential benefit, usage and other eligibility criteria.

Suitability: There must be suitable space to install the bike racks following the Boulder County Multimodal Standards for Bike Parking.

  • Racks must be installed in a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt to ensure permanence. Concrete footers may be added to grass, gravel, or landscaped locations.

Requested Number: Subject to the criteria above, a business may receive the number of racks requested, up to 4 racks.

  • Property owners may receive up to 4 bike racks per tenant business that will utilize the racks.
  • Additional bike racks may be purchased by the business and PACE can provide a list of vendors.

Don’t forget to complete the bike rack request form!

Employees can split commute costs and reduce emissions by vanpooling and carpooling. WayToGo matches carpool and vanpool riders in the Denver metro area and VanGo offers a Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program for members. Boulder Transportation ConnectionsCommuting Solutions, and Smart Commute Metro North help commuters these and other alternative commute options.

For employees who take transit, walk, or bike to work, carshare membership gives them access to a vehicle, should they need one during the day. The concept is similar to a fleet pool vehicle without the overhead of managing it yourself. Reservations are made easily online, and you receive an itemized invoice at the end of the month. eGo CarShare offers discounted rates for business usage.

A bikeshare membership gives your employees access to a network of conveniently located bike stations. With a membership, bikes are checked out for free and can be dropped off at any station. Employers can also set up their own bike fleet for employees to use.

Boulder B-cycle Corporate Discounts

Transportation Management Organizations provide services to businesses making it easy for employees to discover all of the transportation options available to them. They will work with your business to:

  • Analyze: Assess your business and employee transportation needs using employee surveys
  • Plan: Work with you to create alternative transportation plans and benefits for employees
  • Implement: Help with step-by-step programs that ensure benefit to the business and its employees from all the transportation options available
  • Inform: Provide information on transportation services and help raise employee awareness about transportation options
  • Market: Market transportation options and commuter benefits to employees through brochures, transportation information displays, kick-off events, and promotions.

Boulder Transportation Connections – covers the city of Boulder

Commuting Solutions – covers the cities of Lafayette, Louisville, and Superior

Smart Commute Metro North – covers the city of Longmont

The Diesel Retrofit Colorado program is designed to help on- and off-road diesel operators voluntarily reduce diesel emissions while saving money. The Diesel Retrofit program accepts application on a year-round basis.  The application can be accessed via the link below, and must be signed by a fleet representative prior to submittal.


Interested fleets must operate in the nine county metro Denver area or along the Colorado Front Range. Fleets seeking funding must also be registered, and in good standing, with the Colorado Secretary of State.  For more information regarding fleet eligibility, please access the application above, or contact Clean Air Fleets staff.


The Diesel Retrofit Colorado program supports a range of technologies that include:

  • Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs)
  • Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs)
  • Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Engine and Hydraulic Preheaters
  • Trailer Fairings

Technologies not listed above may also be eligible for program funding.

The Alt Fuels Colorado Program provides funding for alternative fueling infrastructure and alternative fuel vehicles.  Visit the program page for more details.

Find out what other commuter benefits and transportation support organizations are here in Boulder County to serve you.

Simple Actions

There are many simple, low-cost ways you can promote sustainable transportation at your business. Read below for some ideas and reach out to an advisor at 303-786-7223 or if you have any questions.

  • Schedule a free PACE transportation assessment.
  • Consider adding bike racks and EV charging stations for employees.
  • Set up a transit program by providing “pool” bikesB-Cycle memberships, or Eco-Passes for employees to travel to and from work and meetings.
  • Offer employees flexible work schedules, including compressed work weeks and telework options.
  • Participate as a company in summer and winter Bike-to-Work Day

Additional Resources

  • 36 Commuting Solutions – A regional organization enhancing the mobility of commuters along the U.S. 36 corridor
  • B-Cycle – A non-profit bike-share program with member bikes in Boulder, Denver, and other U.S. cities
  • Best Workplaces for Commuters Program – A membership program that provides qualified employers with national recognition for offering outstanding commuter benefits
  • Boulder Transportation Connections – Helps create or improve upon transportation programs at your business, and provides a variety of resources for transportation and commute planning, alternative modes of transportation, and other transportation choices
  • Charge Ahead Colorado – Electrical Vehicle charging station grant program information and application
  • Community Cycles – A non-profit organization that offers a full bike shop with new and used parts and bicycles
  • eGO CarShare – A non-profit pay-as-you-drive car usage system in Boulder and Denver
  • GoBoulder – A program through the city of Boulder that provides bus, bike, walk information
  • The League of American Bicyclists – How to become a bike friendly business and program details
  • Way to Go – A program promoting alternative commuting options for employers and individuals in the Denver metro area

Resource Sheets:

Markit in Boulder offers its 450 employees the opportunity to participate in RTD’s EcoPass program as well as in Vanpools commuting from outside of the Denver area. The business offers extensive indoor bike parking and shower facilities, provides two bikes for checkout, and reimburses 50 percent of all bike safety gear. To further encourage employees to use low-carbon transportation options, Markit administers a “Dollar a Day” program in which employees collect a dollar for each day that they get to work by biking, busing, vanpooling, carpooling, etc.