Partners for a Clean Environment, or PACE, provides free expert advisor services and financial incentives to help businesses improve their energy efficiency, waste diversion, water usage, and transportation emissions. Our programs help businesses make upgrades that save money and hassle, while also decreasing pollution and emissions in the process. PACE is housed in Boulder County’s Office of Sustainability, Climate Action, and Resilience.

PACE began in 1993 as a partnership of local governments and businesses committed to creating a business community with environmentally sustainable practices. Over the years, we have continued to evolve and expand our offerings to help businesses meet their sustainability goals and gain recognition for their achievements.

Why work with PACE?

PACE is committed to supporting a strong economy, implementing environmentally sustainable practices, and helping businesses become leaders in our community. Investing in sustainable business practices helps save money, and also shows your customers that your business is committed to the health and environment of the local community. PACE recognizes the economic and social benefits of improved environmental performance, and our advisors are excited to help you get started.

About our Advisors

Our business sustainability advisors are our most valuable resource, and are entirely free to work with. Whether your business is just getting started in its sustainability journey or is building on past successes, advisors provide you with the personalized and technical assistance you need to achieve your business sustainability goals.

When you reach out to PACE, you will be connected with an advisor that specializes in your geographic area and knows our resources inside and out. Your advisor will identify opportunities specific to your business, ranging from low and no-cost measures to large efficiency upgrades, and help you implement those changes as smoothly as possible.