What is PACE?

Partners for a Clean Environment provides free expert advisor services and incentives to help businesses measure and gain recognition for their successful progress in energy, waste, water and transportation. PACE began in 1993 as a partnership of local governments and businesses committed to creating a business community with environmentally sustainable practices. Over the years, PACE has continued to evolve and expand its offerings to help businesses meet their sustainability goals and gain recognition for their achievements.

What businesses partner with PACE?

PACE partners are businesses committed to supporting a strong economy, implementing environmentally sustainable practices and becoming leaders in our community. Beyond saving money and enhancing reputation, investing in sustainable business practices shows your customers that your business is committed to the health and environment of the local community. PACE businesses recognize the economic and social benefits of a high level of environmental performance. They have worked or are currently working with a business sustainability advisor.

About our Advisors

At Partners for a Clean Environment, our business sustainability advisors are our most valuable resource. Whether your business is just getting started or is building on past successes, advisors provide you with the personalized and technical assistance you need to achieve your business sustainability goals. Advisor assistance is provided at no cost to your business.

Your advisor will identify opportunities specific to your business, ranging from employee engagement and low and no-cost measures to large efficiency upgrades. These opportunities allow your business to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve resource conservation
  • Strengthen your contribution to our local community and economy

If you choose to pursue a project, your advisor will support you by providing technical assistance, financial incentives, and employee education. Advisors can also assist you in earning PACE certification and taking advantage of business recognition opportunities.