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If you’re in the city of Boulder, PACE is your resource for meeting new sustainability requirements. Our team will get you set up to comply with whichever ordinance affects you:
The Universal Zero Waste Ordinance applies to all Boulder property managers and businesses.
A PACE advisor can help you set up the service, bins, and signs that you’ll need and will train your staff on how to divert waste from the landfill to get to Zero Waste...or darn near.
The Boulder Building Performance Ordinance applies to large industrial campuses and existing buildings that are 50,000 square feet (sf) or larger, as well as new buildings that are 10,000 sf or larger. A PACE advisor can help you get familiar with the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, the initial requirement for energy tracking. ENERGY STAR-certified buildings are exempted from the ordinance. Your advisor can help you determine if you’re close to the Portfolio Manager benchmark score that is required for exemption, help you complete the upgrades that can get you there, and help you get certified. Compliance is not a heavy lift with PACE assistance; all of the more than 120 businesses affected by the Building Performance Ordinance in 2017 achieved compliance!
The Boulder Marijuana Facility Energy Requirements ensure that one of our fastest-growing and most energy-intensive industries is green in every sense.
A PACE advisor can help you to understand your options under the renewable energy offset requirements and get your business set up. Contact your PACE advisor now, call our hotline at 303-786-7223, or visit