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Don’t let your cooling equipment fall behind the times
Your refrigerator and air conditioner are like magic: They move heat out of a cold place and into a warm place – the opposite of what would happen without the magic properties of the refrigerant that runs through their tiny pipes. The only problem is that those magic refrigerants also have properties that aren’t so good for human or environmental health. For this reason, the EPA has periodically updated its requirements for refrigerant management, and the latest have a compliance date of Jan 1, 2018:
• Refrigerant disposal recordkeeping
• Refrigerant handling license requirements
• Evacuation level requirements
• New leak rate, reporting and inspection requirements
• HFC refrigerant sale certification requirements
• HFC sale/distribution recordkeeping
If you have refrigeration or are responsible for air conditioning equipment, these requirements may affect you. Here is a handy summary of the new requirements, and the full set of EPA fact sheets. A sheet dedicated to Supermarkets and Property and Facility Managers is available here.
Posted: December 2017