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Fall is a good time to help boost your sales if you are a heating contractor, and customers can improve their bottom line by reducing their heating bill.
Whether the building is used for retail, offices, services or schools, Xcel Energy rebates can offer money and energy saving opportunities.
  • Upgrade to an energy-efficient boiler or furnace. With high-efficiency furnace technology, heating your business with less energy can make a noticeable improvement to your bottom line and improve occupancy comfort. To help offset the cost of a boiler furnace upgrade, you can earn a rebate for installing high-efficient units.
  • Replace your water heater with high-efficiency unit. By installing a qualified water heater—either gas storage or instantaneous (tankless)—the units use 25 percent less energy than conventional commercial units.
  • Add electronically commuted motors (ECMs). If your business uses a furnace heating system, consider increasing the efficiency of the motor technology in your furnace. For every EC fan motor you add to your commercial furnace, you can earn a rebate of $100.
  • New! Install unit heaters for large spaces. Unitary heating is perfect for garages, warehouses or warming buildings where traditional space heating is not the most efficient. For every unit heater you install that is 80 percent-efficient or better, you can earn a rebate between $50 and $500 per 100,000 BTUH of the unit.
Have you made energy improvements within the past year?
You can still earn rebates on more types of heating equipment than what is listed above. You have 12 months after the equipment is installed, invoiced and operational to submit your rebate application.
For full details, contact PACE at 303-786-7223, info@PACEpartners.com or visit www.xcelenergy.com/HeatingEfficiency 
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Posted: August 2017