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Restaurant owners...do you have a grease bin out back? Do you know if it’s leaking or full? A leaking bin or spilled grease is considered an “illegal discharge” since the grease can be carried to a storm drain and eventually to a creek or river during the next rain storm. Any materials spilled onto parking lots, alleys, or streets can run off into the water supply. Your local municipality has a stormwater ordinance and could issue you a violation and a fine for illegal discharges.
To get the best preparation for yourself and your employees, sign up for a FREE training on September 28 at the Boulder County Recycling Center.Attendees will have the opportunity to have their questions answered about impacts on water quality and to become certified in stormwater pollution prevention to ensure compliance with local stormwater regulations.
These photos show poorly maintained grease storage bins and illegal spills on the pavement right here in Boulder County.
Grease 1Grease2Grease 3
Things you should do to prevent spills and leaks:

• Keep outdoor areas free from trash, dirt, litter, grease, food spills, and debris.
• Check the grease/tallow bin daily and after it’s been emptied. Contact the grease hauler if the bin is full or nearly full.
• Grease bins or containers stored outside must have a secure cover/lid and secondary containment around the bin or open container.
• If a spill does occur, control, contain, and clean it up immediately using dry cleanup practices, such as sweeping, using absorbents, and spot-scrubbing stains.
• Clean up and dispose of dirty absorbent materials properly.
• Never hose down a spill or debris!
• Keep lids closed on dumpsters and recycle containers. Make sure that dumpsters do not leak. Do not place liquids in your dumpster unless they are contained.
• If a spill reaches the storm drain system, notify your local municipality or call 911.
PACE is always here to help. Please contact PACE advisors at 303-786-PACE for a free onsite meeting at your location.
Posted: August 2017